Lord of the Drinks, Andheri (W), Mumbai

Exclamations like ‘big’, ‘spacious’ are often missing while describing restaurants in Mumbai where cramped spaces are a way of life.

Spread across 8000 sq. feet and divided into 3 sections, al-fresco, a ground and a first floor, Lord of the Drinks would be synonymous to those hardy found exclamations.

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The moment you enter the place, you get the similar vibe as Tamasha, Lower Parel, primarily because of the interior. Not to mention that it is owned by the same restaurateur, Priyank Sukhija.

See my review of Tamasha here.

I got an opportunity to visit LOTD within a month of opening. Here is what we got to try…

Asian Cooler

The concoction of rum, cucumber juice and lime helped cool off the heat!

Apple Foamintni

This animated drink made with vodka, green apple syrup, mint foam topped with blue curacao syrup too was a great cooler.

Bubbling LIIT

Mumbai Tea

Another highly potent cocktail was Mumbai Tea. A mix of cinnamon tea and Kahlua, orange liqueur, vodka and apple juice.

Lychee Desire
Melon Twist
Mint Papaya Rita












In the variety of fruit flavored cocktails, we tried Lychee Desire, Meon Twist, and mint Papaya Rita. A mild infusion of spices like cloves, smoked cardamom stick and chili pepper makes these different from run-of-the-mill fruit flavor cocktails.


Smoked Sangria

Smoked Sangria brought a smoky twist to a regular sangria. Try it only if you like sangria.

Sweet Potato Chilli Fries

I realized only after the server told us that the fries are made from sweet potato.

The Tender Coconut and Galangal Soup and the Black Daal Soup turned out to be my personal favorites. Tender Coconut and Galangal Soup is a must try if you like Thai curry as both has the same base, tender coconut broth. Usually, soups made from lentils are bland but this one had a unique taste.

Chukandar Galauti and Bamboo Shoot and Chestnut Kabab were served with bite-sized Malabar parotha and dips. Tzatziki and fresh fruit chutney respectively. Both were a little bland in taste when tried alone but gave a different taste when tried with the accompanying dip.

Roasted Vegetable Pizza

Other different dishes we tried were Tandoori Platter veg, Trio of Bruschettas, Yellow Chilli and Roasted Garlic Dimsum, Trio Mushroom Dimsums and Roasted Veg. Pizza. none of them disappoint us but the star main course was Lasooni Shingada Palak and Makai Roti.

Lasooni Shingada Palak and Makai Roti

With unusual presentation and equally unusual taste, the water chestnuts in garlic and palak gravy was a burst of flavors.

And if this was not enough, the desserts served raised a level in combining unusual flavors.

Paan Ice-Cream Martini

The Paan Ice-Cream Martini gave a good twist for a dessert and was served with thandai shot. A great combination for paan and ice-cream lovers.

Malpua Lasagna with French Toast

Another quirky dessert was cinnamon malpua topped with cream cheese rabri and Kiwi fruit accompanied by French baguette. Not to be missed if you like malpua or have a sweet tooth.

Considering the great and potent drinks and equally great food options the more apt name would be ‘Lord of the Drinks and Food!’

Ambiance: 5/5
Service: N/A. This was an invite.
Food: 4/5
VFM: N/A. This was an invite.

Overall: 4.5/5

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P.S. – We were invited by Lord of the Drinks to try their menu.

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A great weekend starter – Timbuctoo, Vikhroli (W), Mumbai

When it comes to having drinks and dinner with a group of friends, that doesn’t cost a bomb, Timbuctoo and Pop Tate’s require no introduction. Be it food, drinks, ambiance and prices, almost everything is comparable. The only major difference, I felt was the loudness of music, which is too high in Timbuctoo. Prefer Pop Tate’s, downstairs, over Timbuctoo if you are catching up with old friends as the loud music will be a great disturbance. If you are there to start a weekend with usual friends, both serves the purpose.

What can be a better start than a jug full of LIIT. 5 whites and a dash of cola chilled over a heap of ice just gave a great start to the evening while my friends settled with Caipiroska, Manhattan, Old Monk and Kingfisher.

Melwyn Fries, Bruschetta and Chilli Cheese Wedges were the perfect companions to the potent drinks.

Farmer's Wish
Farmer’s Wish

Loaded with corn, black olives, jalapenos, onion, green pepper and cheese, Farmer’s Wish is a delightful veg. pizza.

Thai Curry (Red)
Thai Curry (Red)

Red Thai Curry made from coconut and steam rice marked a good finish dinner.

With great ambiance, good food and cheap alcohol, Timbuctoo, just like Pop Tate’s is one of the most preferred weekend starters.

Food Crawl @ Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla

Housing some of the best food joints and fine dining restaurant, Phoenix Market City, Kurla is a foodie’s paradise. An invitation to attend Food Crawl, on 15th October, organized by the mall and FBAI means you get the best food from the finely curated places.

The plan included…

  • Khiva for appetizers
  • Wok Express for Cheung Fun and Bao
  • Harry’s Café + Bar for drinks and
  • Take-away donuts from Krispy Kreme

VIP access to Shaan Live-In-Concert @ Dublin Square was icing on the cake.


Khiva is one of the prominent fine dining place serving Bukhara cuisine along with Mughlai and North Indian fare.

Khiva is a town in Uzbekistan and the interior of the restaurant attempts to represent the very spirit of the land. Large murals on opposite walls, with one of them representing Buzkashi, swords and chandelier with a wooden & rope framework in the background adds to the elegance of the place.

Their specialty is Bukhara or Royal Frontier Cuisine from North-West Uzbekistan. Rather than normal chilies, Khiva uses specially sourced Yellow chilies which are an essence to the cuisine on offer. One of their specialty is Daal Khiva, which is simmered for 8 hours before being served.

Para with cheese dip
Para with cheese dip

Our journey to this exotic cuisine started with a side dish called Para. Colorful crispy sticks most likely prepared with rice as a raw material and were served with cheese dip.

5 types of chutneys
5 types of chutneys

With appetizers, Khiva serves 5 types of dips/chutneys. From spicy to very spicy, Chico Tamarind and mint are among different varieties to tickle your taste buds.

Cheese Kurkure
Cheese Kurkure

Cheese Kurkure were first to arrive and remained star dish throughout. These are deep fried thin and crispy wraps with cheese and mushroom stuffing.

Makai Seekh Kabab
Makai Seekh Kabab

Makai Seekh Kabab was corn and herbs in soft vegetable kabab.

Chowki Ki Tikki
Chowki Ki Tikki

were potato tikkis stuffed with cheese and peas and were cooked to perfection.

Peshawari Paneer
Peshawari Paneer

Peshawari Paneer is one of their signature appetizers. Large blocks of house made malai paneer are marinated in yellow chilies and yoghurt to give a great taste.

Subz Lacheela Kabab
Subz Lacheela Kabab

An eye-catching appetizer, Subz Lacheela Kabab was last to arrive. A vegetable kabab wrapped in vermicelli was as complex in eating as it looks.

An array of appetizers was enough to break a stereotypical notion of ‘What’s there for Vegetarians at a place like this?’

Wok Express:

Next stop was Wok Express to taste their Baos and to taste a new entrant in their menu, Cheung Fun.

Cheung Fun are rice noodle rolls with vegetarian or meat stuffing. It’s a Cantonese dish originated in HK and southern China and is popular as a snack. We tried Asian Green Cheung Fun which was mildly sweet.


Bao are essentially steamed stuffed bread. We tried Chilli Mushroom and Chilli Paneer Bao.

Both the dishes were good but lacked any greatness. This being my first encounter with both the dishes, I can’t vouch for the authenticity of the food and would like to take a second attempt to finally judge the dish.

We were a large group and our visit was planned with the pre-fixed menu. Still, it took them considerably long time to serve the food. I really wish them an improvement on this.

Harry’s Bar + Café:

The last stop for the Food Crawl has to end with great cocktails. Harry’s has appealing ambiance with great numbers playing in the background. Great place to unwind after a hectic day.

We tried a couple of cocktails and none disappoint us.



With a standard combination of 5 whites and a dash of cola, LIIT was good. Not the most potent I have ever had but didn’t disappoint me either.

Blood on the Rooftop:


4 spirits, peachy lemonade and a splash of red wine, forming a red layer at the top, hence the name. Recommended!

Twisted Whiskey Swizzle:


A potent combination of bourbon and citrus. A great whiskey cocktail.

Black Scotsman:


Again, a highly potent mix of 100 Pipers, Kahlua and cola. Kahlua adds the right coffee flavor with cola balancing the bitterness of the scotch and coffee.

A takeaway bag of Donut from Krispy Kreme ended the Food Crawl with a sweeter note.

The Food Crawl was followed by Shaan performing live on his great numbers at Dublin Square.

The United Sports Bar & Grill, Viviana Mall, Thane

Not being a sports or beer fan, sports bar seldom appealed me; but wanted to try their LIITs since long based on my friend’s recommendation.

No special mention of the ambiance. Typical sports bar like atmosphere with multiple screens displaying ongoing sports events and a super-size screen for any mega event. I would be glad if they pump-up the lighting little bit.

The staff is very friendly, but service lacks consistency and depends on the food you order.

The unlimited buffet lunch didn’t appeal us much and we stuck to a-la-cart option.

We tried Onion Rings (Rs. 150++), crisp and well prepared. Bruschetta (Rs. 180++) would have been better with the softer bread base. The service staff happily customized my Veg. Penne Pasta (Rs. 280++) to make it as per my choice and we liked it the most. Mexican Burger (Rs. 280++) was good in taste but was a little dry.


Among drinks, LIITs have considerable wide varieties. Being here for the first time, we stuck to the Classic LIIT (Rs. 350++).

Visit my another post In search of the best #LIIT for more info on their LIITs.

United 52 (Rs. 225++) is actually B52, a layered shot of a coffee liqueur, Baily’s Irish Cream, and triple sec.

The Making of United 52
The Making of United 52

With good food, good drinks and pro-sports ambiance, The United Sports Bar & Grill is most suited for hang out with friends and happy hours are an absolute icing on the cake.

Recommended: Pasta, LIITs
Tip: Visit during off-peak hours, lunch or early evening to get belter service.

The United Sports Bar & Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

In search for the best #LIIT

With a mixture of 5 white spirits and a dash of cola, a glass or two of an LIIT is sufficient to lift your spirit. This is an attempt to discover the best LIITs and its variants Mumbai has to offer.

Pop Tate’s

Pop Tate’s always has a special mention when it comes to an LIIT because this is the place where I first encountered LIIT only to become a fan of it.

“U will be amazed…” is what they say with 6 variants of LIITs ranging from classic to flavored to their signature Love Potion and Use UR Illusion LIIT.

The United Sports Bar & Grill

One of the widest range of LIITs on the menu, starting from the classic to their signature Bloody LIIT, quirky Thandai LIIT and the mother of all LIITs, the United 11.

Along with the 5 whites(Vodka, Rum, Gin, Tequila and Tripple Sec) used for the classic LIIT, United 11 has following 6 more spirits…

  • Antiquity Blue (Whisky)
  • Captain Morgan (Rum)
  • Southern Comfort
  • Coffee Liquor (Kahlua or other)
  • Almond Liquor
  • Banana Liquor

These are mixed with a generous quantity of Apple, Orange and Pineapple juice and topped with Grenadine or Pomegranate Syrup to give deep red color. The reason why it was previously called Red Devil under the brand Manchester United Cafe & Bar.


Long Island Ice Freeze (LIIT)
Long Island Ice Freeze (LIIT)

Long Island Ice Freeze, the LIIT variant at Hoppipola is a blend of 5 whites (rum, vodka, tequila, gin and orange liquor) along with cola and is potent enough to quickly give a buzz on an empty stomach. The presentation of LIIT in a bucket of dry ice, I felt was needless. LIIT should is best served in a tall and transparent glass.

Harry’s Bar + Cafe


With a standard combination of 5 whites and a dash of cola, LIIT was good. Not the most potent I have ever had but didn’t disappoint me either. Rather than tall cocktail glass, this one was served in a jar and makes it visually different from others.

Stay tuned for more!

If you have a recommendation on some of the great LIITs I should try and include here, kindly drop a comment below.