Oozo Bar & Diner, Andheri (E), Mumbai

Inspired from Ouzo, a Greek, anise-flavored alcoholic drink, Oozo Bar and Diner is the newest hangout place in Andheri (E) near Sakinaka. The place has dedicated sections for casual dining, lounge & bar and a rooftop lounge for sheesha.


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This place is being set-up by none other than K. M. Saif. A renowned chef and consultant who has successfully set-up some of the great places in Mumbai and Pune like Fusion Kitchen, The Little Door, Flip Bar and Kitchen, Asanjo etc. to name a few.

Some of the best international dishes and finger food ranging from Indian, Mexican, Italian, Greek & Mediterranean, Korean etc. find their place in the menu. We tried some of them.


Yin Yang Martini: This non-alcoholic milk based, whipped cream and vanilla based drink is topped with shaved chocolate and M&Ms to resemble Yin Yang symbol. Prefer if you like milk and cream based drinks.


Watermelon Caipiroska: One can never go wrong with watermelon to beat the heat. A mix of muddled watermelon, lime, mint, topped with crushed ice and fresh watermelon juice.


Crazy Current: This seemingly simple black current crush and grape juice mix taste good when sipped with the white pepper rimmed on the cocktail glass.


Jalapeno Margarita: This is a twisted flavored spicy drink. Jalapeno, lime, and finely crushed ice.


Royal Saffron Nachos are saffron flavored nacho chips, topped with lip-smacking saffron cheese sauce & black olives. This is one of the signature dishes.

Korean Cheese Nachos are spinach flavored nachos topped with Gochujang(Korean hot pepper paste) spiced cheese sauce and loaded with chopped bell peppers, black olives, mozzarella, cheddar & parmesan cheese. Both the nachos are house made, thin and crisp and the accompanying sauces are something extraordinary.


Chipotle Chili and Chickpea Mini Cake are mini fried patties stuffed with chickpea and parmesan cheese. The accompanying chipotle mayo gives it the much needed spicy twist.

Chipotle Cheese Balls with fiery mayo is gooey cheese balls filled with mozzarella & cheddar cheese and is served with spicy mayo. The outer shell is crisp and inside there is a burst of flavors.


Romesco Potato Bites


Romesco Potato Bites are bite-sized scooped baby potato with skin. The perfectly baked potato bites are stuffed with mixed veggies tossed in spicy romesco sauce and are topped with garlic mayo and chopped jalapeno.


The main course dishes we tried are a meal in itself. Locro de Zapallo is a Peruvian dish made from red pumpkin stew cooked with onion, garlic, potato, green peas, veg stock, yellow pepper paste, oregano, cream cheese served with parsley rice and oven roasted baby potatoes.

The vegetarian Bulgogi, as its name suggests, is a vegetarian variant of Korean dish, Bulgogi, which is primarily made from meat. Instead of meat, cottage cheese cubes, mushroom are cooked in soy sauce, sesame oil and gochujang(Korean hot pepper paste) and is served with coriander rice.


Paneer Shashlik Sizzler


Paneer Shashlik Sizzler requires no introduction. Grilled Paneer with rice, fries, veggies in sweet and tangy shashlik sauce.


Our meal ended with their signature shakes. Chocochip Cookie Shake is again a classic milkshake made with vanilla ice-cream, choco-chips, whipped cream and topped with ice-cream sandwich.

The calorie loaded Tiramisu Milkshake is a great blend of milk, white chocolate, strawberry crush, sponge cake, vanilla ice-cream and mascarpone cheese topped with vanilla ice cream, mascarpone cheese & sponge cake.

Forget about the workout you did for the week and gorge on these shakes. Have one of this and you will have to skip your meal for sure.

Vicinity to offices of Andheri and Powai combined with good ambiance and great food, this place is for people who work hard and party harder.

Ambiance: 3.5/5
Service: N/A. This was an invite.
Food: 4.5/5
VFM: N/A. This was an invite.

Overall: 4/5

P.S. – We were invited by Chef and Consultant K. M. Saif to try their menu.

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Lord of the Drinks, Andheri (W), Mumbai

Exclamations like ‘big’, ‘spacious’ are often missing while describing restaurants in Mumbai where cramped spaces are a way of life.

Spread across 8000 sq. feet and divided into 3 sections, al-fresco, a ground and a first floor, Lord of the Drinks would be synonymous to those hardy found exclamations.

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The moment you enter the place, you get the similar vibe as Tamasha, Lower Parel, primarily because of the interior. Not to mention that it is owned by the same restaurateur, Priyank Sukhija.

See my review of Tamasha here.

I got an opportunity to visit LOTD within a month of opening. Here is what we got to try…

Asian Cooler

The concoction of rum, cucumber juice and lime helped cool off the heat!

Apple Foamintni

This animated drink made with vodka, green apple syrup, mint foam topped with blue curacao syrup too was a great cooler.

Bubbling LIIT

Mumbai Tea

Another highly potent cocktail was Mumbai Tea. A mix of cinnamon tea and Kahlua, orange liqueur, vodka and apple juice.

Lychee Desire
Melon Twist
Mint Papaya Rita












In the variety of fruit flavored cocktails, we tried Lychee Desire, Meon Twist, and mint Papaya Rita. A mild infusion of spices like cloves, smoked cardamom stick and chili pepper makes these different from run-of-the-mill fruit flavor cocktails.


Smoked Sangria

Smoked Sangria brought a smoky twist to a regular sangria. Try it only if you like sangria.

Sweet Potato Chilli Fries

I realized only after the server told us that the fries are made from sweet potato.

The Tender Coconut and Galangal Soup and the Black Daal Soup turned out to be my personal favorites. Tender Coconut and Galangal Soup is a must try if you like Thai curry as both has the same base, tender coconut broth. Usually, soups made from lentils are bland but this one had a unique taste.

Chukandar Galauti and Bamboo Shoot and Chestnut Kabab were served with bite-sized Malabar parotha and dips. Tzatziki and fresh fruit chutney respectively. Both were a little bland in taste when tried alone but gave a different taste when tried with the accompanying dip.

Roasted Vegetable Pizza

Other different dishes we tried were Tandoori Platter veg, Trio of Bruschettas, Yellow Chilli and Roasted Garlic Dimsum, Trio Mushroom Dimsums and Roasted Veg. Pizza. none of them disappoint us but the star main course was Lasooni Shingada Palak and Makai Roti.

Lasooni Shingada Palak and Makai Roti

With unusual presentation and equally unusual taste, the water chestnuts in garlic and palak gravy was a burst of flavors.

And if this was not enough, the desserts served raised a level in combining unusual flavors.

Paan Ice-Cream Martini

The Paan Ice-Cream Martini gave a good twist for a dessert and was served with thandai shot. A great combination for paan and ice-cream lovers.

Malpua Lasagna with French Toast

Another quirky dessert was cinnamon malpua topped with cream cheese rabri and Kiwi fruit accompanied by French baguette. Not to be missed if you like malpua or have a sweet tooth.

Considering the great and potent drinks and equally great food options the more apt name would be ‘Lord of the Drinks and Food!’

Ambiance: 5/5
Service: N/A. This was an invite.
Food: 4/5
VFM: N/A. This was an invite.

Overall: 4.5/5

Lord of the Drinks Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

P.S. – We were invited by Lord of the Drinks to try their menu.

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Bottoms Up, Andheri (W), Mumbai

Bottom’s Up is the latest addition to one of Mumbai’s great neighborhood famous for great restaurants, pubs, micro-breweries and nightlife.

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Bottoms-up is a tiny place carved out if Punjab Grill. The industrial-themed interior is minimalistic and ambiance is dimly lit, a typical of a night-life-spot.

Their cocktail collection has Mumbai inspired names and flavors, like Nariman Point, Sandra From Bandra, Ek Chalis Ki Last Local, Beedu etc.

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Gateway of India
Gateway of India

I tried Gateway of India, a vodka based drink with mint and cucumber was good to cut down the heat. Marine Drive is typical LIIT with cola replaced by beer. Try if you feel a little adventurous.

Nariman Point
Nariman Point

Nariman Point brings the spiciness of jalapeno and Chaat Masala with the base of vodka and orange.

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The food menu is concentrated to appetizers and finger food. We got to try Kachhi Mirch Ka Paneer, Makhan Masala Garlic Corn, Smoky Achari Mushroom, Chana Jor Garam and assorted chaats that perfectly complemented the drinks.

To sum up, a worthy place for weekend evenings but space can be a limiting factor.

Bottom's Up Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

P.S. – I was invited by FBAI and Bottom’s Up on their launch party.

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Mojo Rising @ Cafe Mojo, Andheri (E), Mumbai

Misjudging traffic, especially in Mumbai, punishes you severely but on a fine Friday evening, it showed me it’s opposite color.

 I reached the venue, Café Mojo, Andheri (E), a little earlier than expected and got an opportunity to get myself introduced to the concept of E Beer pub (more on this later) and a walkthrough of the much larger than usual sized pub and bistro. The café has a regular pub, outdoor sitting, roof-top sheesha lounge and a small private area.

 India’s First E Beer Pub:

Café Mojo is India’s first E beer pub chain where patrons can purchase a pre-paid card and use either beer vending machines or tap right on the table to get chilled beer on a touch of a card. On tap are Foster, Kingfisher and Bira.

 The café has dimly lit ambiance, a big screen for sports and a live DJ. The indoor section turns into a dance floor after 10 PM with great numbers of Bollywood and international music.

 We were invited as a part of the blogger’s meet and were offered pre-fixed menu and drinks. Beers, vodka, red and white wines were available at our disposal. I would have liked to see cocktails, at least, to appreciate the talent of the bartender.

 In a pre-fixed menu, we had C3 Balls, Pesto BBQ Mushroom and Farmhouse Pizza slices as vegetarian starters.

C3 Balls
C3 Balls

Cheese, Chili and corn were the primary ingredients and hence the name. The outer shell was crispy but overall it was dry. The mayo dip didn’t help either. The cheese, chili and corn filling was bland in taste.

Pesto BBQ Mushroom
Pesto BBQ Mushroom

The best starter among all the three specifically because of the pesto which had a distinctive pine-nut like flavor. A must try dish if you are ok with mushroom.

Veg. Farmhouse Pizza
Veg. Farmhouse Pizza

The thin crust pizza slices topped with capsicum, tomatoes, onions and cheese along with pizza sauce made a good pair with Shiraz of Pause winery I was having. This good could have been great had it been served hot.

In main course buffet was arranged outdoors and had Papdi chaat, assorted bread and cheese, veg. Alfredo pasta, Parsley butter rice and mash potatoes along with assorted cakes for desserts.

Papdi Chaat
Papdi Chaat

Papdi Chaat brought an Indian flavor to the European-dominated menu.

Toasted bread would have made a better pair with the Veg. Alfredo Pasta. Parmesan and cheddar cheese were cut and stacked as cubes which are not the perfect to pair with sliced bread. The whole cheese portion with a cutter or already cut slices of cheddar and parmesan would have been better.

Veg. Alfredo Pasta
Veg. Alfredo Pasta

The Alfredo Pasta was great in taste. It had right thickness and taste which even international chains fail to balance.

Parsley Butter Rice and Mash Potatoes
Parsley Butter Rice and Mash Potatoes

Mash potatoes were bland and tasteless. Not sure why it was included. It didn’t even go with any of the other dishes.

Parsley Butter Rice was excellent in itself but again, nothing to pair it with. If you are found of plain rice, this will not disappoint.

In desserts, we had an assortment of cakes. The bite-sized brownies were great in taste. In other two cakes, we had a fresh and not so fresh tasting combination.

If great food is not of a primary concern, this is a definitely a cool place to hang out with your gang.

Recommended: Pesto BBQ Mushroom, Parsley Butter Rice, Veg. Alfredo Pasta.

P.S.: I was invited by the FBAI and Café Mojo for a bloggers meet.

Go doolally over beers! – Doolally Taproom, Andheri (W), Mumbai

Doolally from Pune, now has the 2nd outlet open in Andheri, with the first one being in Bandra. Fresh brews arrive from Pune, once on a couple of days to replenish the stocks.


The place gets occupied with mixed crowds, casual hipsters and formal office goers retiring in the evening. The super casual ambiance is noisy, happening and bright. To complement your experience, along with having beers, you can optionally read books, surf net if you are alone or play board games if you are in a group.

Hefeweizen 2

We started with Hefeweizen, a German wheat beer, light in color and on the palate. For coffee aficionados, there is a Coffee Porter. Essentially a coffee flavoured beer so to say. Yes, try only if you like black coffee.

Coffee Porter
Coffee Porter
Apple Cider
Apple Cider

Apple cider has an equal amount of haters and lovers. For some, it’s a fizzy apple cold-drink and for rest, including me, it’s something different to try than the usual. All the three beers we tried were light and had malty flavours than the usual strong, bitter and punchy taste. Those who like it strong may try Oatmeal Stout.

Oatmeal Stout
Oatmeal Stout

The food menu is short and hassle free. So even we restricted ourselves with only a couple of items.

A must have is House Fries accompanied by 5 type of dips which includes mayo, mango, garlic and mint. The piping hot thick fries will make other famous QSR fries look famine affected.

House Fries
House Fries

5 dips


Chuchvara, the Uzbek steamed dumplings are stuffed with sauteed mushrooms and are quite spicy.

Both items were great in taste and equally great combination with beers.

With all inclusive prices, ‘What you see is what you pay!’ works greatly in favour of Doolally which doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Recommendations: Hefeweizen, Coffee Porter (Coffee lovers only!), House Fries.

Doolally Taproom Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

If you have a recommendation on something we should try on our next visit to Doolally, kindly drop a comment below.

It’s a deluge – Global Fusion, Andheri (E), Mumbai

“You will be spoilt of choices!” was my wife’s first reaction when she came back home visiting Global Fusion with her colleagues, a couple of weeks back, and now it was my turn.

Located right on the Andheri-Ghatkopar road near Sakinaka, the restaurant is at walking distance from Marol Naka Metro station. The premises and the restaurant has paid wallet parking service.

Booking is recommended as the restaurant remains highly occupied most of the times, mainly by corporate staffs during weekday lunch hours.

The restaurant is housed in a large area and has ample seating options including a couple of pseudo-separate areas for large groups. The ambiance is dimly lit. Lots of plants (artificial possibly), fish tanks, dark wooden interiors and textured wallpapers adds density to it.

Dense and dim interior
Separate area for large groups
One of the pseudo-separate area for large groups

Although what is being prepared is not easily visible, but the concept of live counters and transparent kitchen adds extra liveliness to the ambiance.

Transparent Kitchen
Transparent Kitchen

Service is satisfactory. Can’t say it was fast and there were a couple of mix-ups too, but given the high occupancy, this can be ignored.

Now coming to the primary objective, it is difficult if not impossible to count the number of items on the menu. 5-6 types of mock-tails,  equal number of Sushis only in the veg. section and uncountable other starters including Baked Paneer, Crispy Corn, Seekh Kabab, a couple of Mushroom items and Garlic Breads to name a few. It will truly be pointless to count the number. If you like it then have it should be the mantraa.

Veg. Sushis
Veg. Sushis
Appetizers Counter
One of the two sections dedicated for starters/appetizers

Barring Sushis, soups and a couple of starter items, for rest you have to pick a chit and hand it over to a server at your table. A good mechanism to avoid a rush at the counters. This takes its due time but at least you can sit and have other items rather than waiting in the queue holding a heavy plate.

Pick a chit
Pick and hand over a chit to order

In the main course, there were Indian items along with a couple of noodles, rice, Thai Curry and Pastas in veg. section.

On the contrary, they have staff serving the desserts on a tucked-inside-a-corner counter which keeps it quite crowded almost all the time. Here too, the selection is quite an effort starting from a large collection of Baskin Robbins ice creams to cookies, jellies and cakes along with a few Indian verities.

just a few desserts
Just a few is enough!

In the end, it’s all about your appetite and the selection you make, which will make this experience low or high value for money. You may leave with your mind craving for more, but you will surely leave with your tummy heavier and pockets lighter!

Brewbot Eatery & Pub Brewery, Andheri (W), Mumbai

With a host of microbreweries popping up in the city in the last couple of years, Brewbot, probably one of the youngest became host to my first ever microbrewery experience.

The casual industrial design interior suits the microbrewery mood very well. Music very complements it greatly. There are brewing equipments right near the sitting area on the ground floor. Next time I would surely like to seek more info on their brewing process.



Craft beer comes in 4 varieties. Despite not being a fan of beers, I liked Mojo Rising enough to warrant a second visit.

Try Flight of Four first to get the taste of all the 4 and then go for a full order.

Mojo Rising
Mojo Rising

A number of options for vegetarian are rather disappointing but the taste and quality compensates it aptly. Pizzas, Farmhouse (Rs. 415++) and Four Cheese (Rs. 615++) with added toppings(75++) were exceptionally good. Creamy Fries (Rs. 245++) complemented beer very well in an absence of veg. Burgers. The Trio of Hummus (Rs. 295++) was satisfactory but tiny pita breads were rather disappointing.

Creamy Fries


Trio of Hummus

Farmhouse Pizza
Farmhouse Pizza

Along with beer, we also tried a few other drinks. Not their forte from VFM perspective but will not disappoint either.

The staff is helpful, cheerful and courteous. Concerned and caring especially to my friend who was having shots of Absinthe.

Conclusively, a good place to hangout with friends, have casual time and to have good craft beer and food.

Recommendations: Mojo Rising, Creamy Fries, Farmhouse Pizza, Four Cheese Pizza with added toppings.

Brewbot Eatery & Pub Brewery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato