Coffee by Di Bella, Pedder Road, Mumbai

I was awaiting my maiden visit, to any outlet of Di Bella, ever since my Twitter and Zomato feeds got flooded with the super sumptuous pictures of their waffles.

So let’s begin with the very purpose of the visit.

Chocolate Explosion Waffle:

Keep aside the guilt of indulging for a while and enjoy the fluffy sinful waffle loaded with chocolate and accompanied by chocolate ice-cream and whipped cream.Di Bell has an extensive waffles menu and covers almost every possible combinations of toppings you can try on waffles.

Ferrero Roche Milkshake
Ferrero Roche Milkshake

Ferrero Rocher milkshake was next in line. A perfect blend of the chocolate milkshake with Ferrero Rocher topped with whipped cream.

Mango Milkshake
Mango Milkshake

The last one was the flavour of the season, a Mango Milkshake. The good part was, it was a good blend of milk, mangoes and cream. Di Bella has got it right here with the blend, unlike a popular premium star coffee chain which has an ice-blended variety for their mango offering. Coming back to the one we tried at Di Bella, it lacked the sweetness I would like otherwise. That probably makes it ‘just-try-it-once’ item and not a must-try.

Now the worse part. Specifically about the outlet. The AC is non-functional and the comfortable temperature is not maintained and it has its own effect on ice-cream and whipped cream. There is also the constant noise of carpentry work going on at Vama store. It just is a matter of time but must be considered if you are planning a visitRecommended: Waffles.

Recommended: Waffles.

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If you have a recommendation on something we should try on our next visit to Di Bella, kindly drop a comment below.


Tao 9, Powai, Mumbai

Rating a delivery only outlet or rating only based on delivery is always a tough task. Delivering food always has its own perils. It lacks presentation, usually doesn’t have the right temperature and has added risk of delayed delivery.

This was the maiden experience with Tao 9 thanks to the recommendation of my wife and my office colleagues.

The Ordering: I had to call a couple of times to place the order. The first two attempts went unattended post the automatic response. The third attempt was a success with a person promptly completing the order taking formalities.

The Delivery: I was informed 50 min. delivery. It took a follow-up and almost an hour. Well, 10 min. of delay is acceptable but overall 50-60 min. of delivery time is quite high. For an outlet, entirely dependent on delivery, the quickness should be their forte to survive as the vicinity has a good number of Chinese/Oriental food joints in the competition.

The Eating: My order consisted Baby-corn Mongolian Five Spice, Veg. Pad Thai and Veg. Burnt Garlic Fried Rice.

Baby-corn Mangolian Five Spice
Babycorn Mangolian Five Spice

The Baby-corn Mongolian Five Spice was the baby-corn variant of Veg. Crispy and was better in taste.


Pad Thai
Pad Thai


Pad Thai was quite a disappointment. First, the flat noodles were broken and not long enough as it should be. Second, the condiments out-proportioned to the flat noodles making the taste of the base ingredient, the flat noodles, getting hidden. Last, the strong taste of tamarind and soy sauce (not sure if they use it or it was because of some other ingredient) was running the entire dish.


Burnt Garlic Rice
Burnt Garlic Rice


BG Rice was satisfactory. The rice was dry enough, non-sticky and had a perfect balance of the burnt garlic taste.

Next time, I would like to attempt for Make Your Own Wok Box.

The VFM Quotient: Rs. ~500/- for 2 for a vegetarian meal. The portion of all food items was satisfactory.

Masala 360, Vadodara

Being most near to our meeting point for friends get-together, Masala 360 came as an obvious choice. We were group of 9 and decided to go with the unlimited ‘Live Bar Be Que’ to spare ourselves from typical ‘what-to-eat?’ decision making.

The restaurant was occupied with only one table when we reached even during the festival evening. This was an indication of what is coming.

The ambiance is average, so is service. The staff is friendly but yet to reach to a level to be called professionals. The service was quick but mainly because of we gong with an unlimited menu of the day.

The oddly named ‘Live Bar Be Que’ unlimited option had, in fact, nothing to do with barbecue. It came with unlimited soup, starters of 2 types (Veg. Manchurian and Hara Bhara Kabab), Vegetables of 2 types (Paneer Toofani and Mix Veg. Handi), Dal Tadka and rice. Papad and ice-cream were limited, though. Soups and starters were good, but rest of the items were not up to the mark. These all came at dirt cheap rate of Rs. 175/- per person.

Hara Bhara Kabab
Hara Bhara Kabab
Veg. Machurian
Veg. Manchurian

This yet another budget family restaurant turned out to be just another restaurant.

Burger King, Viviana Mall, Thane

Expectations were high and time was less when I approached BK. Selection took quite a while as this was the first experience but eventually the menu turned out to be a cousin of other burger serving QSRs namely McD and KFC.

Service was quick but not quick enough for extra marks.

My order, Paneer King Melt Combo (Rs. 159++) and Veg. Stripes (Rs. 45++). The combo included fries and Pepsi.

Paneer King Melt burger was good in size, good in taste but not a great one. Paneer lovers can better have McSpicy Paneer. Definitely not as great as burgers of Dunkin Donuts and More.

Fries and Veg. Stripes were again good but inferior in taste to their counterpart of McD and KFC respectively

Veg. Whopper looked appealing with whooping size. Didn’t get a chance to try it so it’s first my checklist with other burgers and beverages to try at BK.

B Bhagat Tarachand, Viviana Mall, Thane

A shiny metallic board catches your attention even from the farthest corner of the food court. Bhagat Tarachand or B Bhagat Tarachand, in this case, is always a preferred name when it comes to great Indian veg. food.

This being an outlet in the food court, you are left on your own to find a seat and getting it near to the outlet becomes a challenge especially in the weekend rush.

My minimalistic order was Dal Fry Tadka and Tandoori Butter Rotis. Order placing was smooth, but a noteworthy thing is their upselling skills. If you don’t remain firm, you end up ordering more than you required or planned for. Order arrival took a while and must be attributed again to the weekend rush.

Dal Tadka and Butter Tandoori Roti
Dal Tadka and Butter Tandoori Roti

Now coming back to my order, the Dal Tadka was great in taste, a little thin with generous onion tadka. Butter Rotis were topped with a dollop of butter.

Worthy of consideration when it comes to Veg. Indian food.

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