Breakfast @ Aromas Cafe, Powai, Mumbai

Even though I have visited Aromas Cafe several times as it is near to my office, it still remains the most under explored place for me.

From last two times Theobroma’s loss turned to be Aromas Cafe’s gain. It was Saturday morning and the indoor section was fully occupied.

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I tried Akuri on Toast, which is spicy egg bhurji(scrambled eggs) with toast. The toast was ordinary brown bread but the Akuri was good.
The Hash Brown turned out to be really nice. Crispy from outside and tender from inside without being greasy.
The Nutella Hazelnut Coffee was was a delight to multiple senses i.e sight, smell and taaste.
French Truffle slice was a gooey pastry with 55% dark chocolate.
Looking at the occupancy, I expected a little less attentiveness but food very well made up for that.
Around Rs. 700-800/- for the sumptuous breakfast deters it from being a regular affair.

Food: 4.5/5

Service: 4/5

Ambiance: 4/5

VFM: 4/5


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Breakfast à la Vadodara @ Shree Krishna, Akota, Vadodara

This is relatively new branch of the age old Shree Krishna Restaurant, Madanzampa that exists from 1956.

The restaurant remains largely occupied during mornings, especially on week-ends for its local breakfast dishes.

Our groups of 6 tried Sev Usal, Bhajia Usal, Chatako, Bataka Poha, Sev Khamani, Sabudana Khichdi and Jalebi.

Sev Usal and Bhajia Usal are cousine dishes with one topped with sev while the other is served with bhajia. Spicy as usual and capable to heat up your entire body.

See my review of Jai Maakali Sev-Usal on Zomato to know more about Sev-Usal, a dish unique to Vadodara,


Chatako, one of the most famous dish of the restaurant, is a dish of patra in spicy gravy. Although famous, I did’t appreciate it as much as I appreciate Sev-Usal or Bhajia-Usal.

Bataka Poha, Sev Khamani and Sabudana Khichdi requires no introduction. These dishes are more house-hold than they are street-food. None of them disappoint us.

Ambiance is canteen like and equally noisy. Service depends on readiness of food. Super quick for some dishes while you may have to wait for ages to get some. These are not unexpected given how these restaurant operates and the great value for money food it brings.

In all, a good place to spend a light morning with friends and family over local breakfast dishes.

Food: 4/5

Service: 3.5/5

Ambiance: 3.5/5

VFM: 4.5/5

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The Brioche Trio @ McDonald’s

Once in a while on lazy weekends, we like to have breakfast from McDonald’s.

In the usual breakfast menu, the crispy Hashbrowns are a little oily but great in taste. Try them with canned baked beans. McMuffins are also worth having once in a while. Pancake with maple syrup and butter may not stand a chance when compared to its authentic counterpart but not that bad either.

Today morning when I opened the app to place an order, I found some new entry in the menu. Brioches.

Brioche is a French pastry made with egg and butter and is used as breakfast, dessert or snack item. Brioche has a tender crumb and is a little sweet.

More on Brioche:

With an expectation that this will be far from the authentic one, we decided to try all the 3 varieties, namely, The Veg Brioche (Corn and Spinach Brioche), The Hashbrown Brioche and the controversial The Dosa Masala Brioche.

All the 3 brioches had glazed bun and were little sweet. The little sweetness can be identified only when the bun is tried alone.

Corn & Spinach Brioche 2
The Veg Brioche (Corn and Spinach Brioche)

The Veg Brioche had corn and spinach patty and was a little spicy.

Hash Brown Brioche
Hash Brown Brioche

The Hashbrown Brioche is essentially a hashbrown burger with mayo and other condiments. If you like McD hashbrown, this will not disappoint.

Double Patty Dosa Masala Brioche
Double Patty Dosa Masala Brioche

The Dosa Masala Brioche has invited a lot of flak on social media but if the taste is what matters to you, this will surely surprise you with a great masala dosa flavoring. In no way I found it disrespecting our all time favorite dosa or masala dosa. If we enjoy Manchurian Dosa/ Schezuan Dosa and Pizza Dosa, why not a Dosa Burger?

All the 3 Brioches were worth giving a try if you like McD burgers.

Start your day as French do @ Suzette, Powai, Mumbai

“Looks like dosa, does it taste the same?” I exclaimed, as a result of cascading Google search for Creperie and then Crepes.

Suzette is the first and only French café in the neighborhood and their third outlet in the city.

The small cafe dons decent and minimalistic interior with shelve of French books, Framed French Comic stripes and a couple of jars as a décor. Bulbs hanging from ceiling against a big mirror adorns the décor and is photography magnet. The sitting is little cramped with smaller than a usually sized tables. A word of caution on chairs, they become unstable with uneven handling. While it may not be an issue to adults, we saw an expat toddler falling down while trying to sit on it.

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The occupancy is a function of time and day you are visiting. Weekend mornings usually observes rush, mainly expats staying in the vicinity while on weekday mornings the café remains nearly empty.

We started with French Breakfast, a combination of a baguette with an option of butter and jam or Nutella, a croissant (in non-crescent shapeJ) and organic tea or coffee which we upgraded to a Dark Chocolate Banana Smoozie. We don’t much savor bread like baguette which comes with hard edges but this is the way European bread are. The flaky croissant was good too but we liked the Dark Chocolate Banana Smoozie the most in the breakfast order.

Dark Hot Chocolate
Dark Hot Chocolate

The much touted Dark Hot Chocolate was a predetermined order. While it has a good balance of bitterness of dark chocolate and sweetness, we felt it is little overhyped. The McDonald, McCafe variant is marginally better than this.



Liban was our maiden attempt to Crepes world. It came with a stuffing of hummus (obvious!), feta cheese, peppers, mushrooms and tomatoes and was good in taste as well as in portion.

During the second visit, I stuck to just breakfast and tried Sweet Breakfast which is 4 mini crepes with 2 options of topping as Nutella, caramel, honey or jam along with small yoghurt and organic tea or coffee, which time I upgraded to Nutel’latte.

Mini crepes with toppings of Nutella and honey fulfils the daily dose of sugar along with satisfying your sweet tooth. The Nutel’latte came as a surprise! Haven for coffee and Nutella lovers. Make sure to stir it well else you will end up drinking a simple latte.

Now answering the question I started with, the similarity between crepes and our humble dosas are limited to just look. It very well ends here!

Must Try: Nutel’latte.

Suzette Creperie & Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

If you have a recommendation on something we should try on our next visit to Suzette, leave a comment below.

Rise and shine, breakfast @ Cafe Mangii, Powai, Mumbai

They were probably the first to bring the wood-fired pizza in the neighborhood but a little late in introducing a dedicated breakfast menu.


The well curated ‘Rise and Shine’ breakfast menu that got introduced from the beginning of this January is available from 8 AM to 12 PM daily. For vegetarians, the options get reduced to almost one third.

Thanks to the staff and the chef, they entertained my request for making the breakfast menu available even past its due time.

We choose to go with a pair of Veg. Mangii Tray which is a combo of juice/tea/coffee + a selection from the veg. option. In juices, we had to settle for 2 watermelon option because of unavailability of orange and sweet lime.

Watermelon Juice
Watermelon juice was fresh and refreshing

No meal at Cafe Mangii starts without the assorted bread basket. Fresh bread makes a great appetiser and a great combination with any meal.

Assorted Breads
Watermelon juice was fresh and refreshing

Even thought the Baked Bean Toast was not an option with the Veg. Mangii Tray, the staff happily accommodated our request. The chilli cheese toast was perfectly spicy and well baked giving it balanced crunch and softness.

Baked Bean Toast
Watermelon juice was fresh and refreshing
Butter and jams
Watermelon juice was fresh and refreshing

The fluffy Buttermilk Pancake with accompaniments like blueberry compote, honey and herbed butter was a sheer delight.

Buttermilk Pancake
Watermelon juice was fresh and refreshing

Belgian Waffles(contains eggs) comes with various options of condiments. We choose Nutella and banana to accompany our waffles. Waffles too met our expectations in taste and texture.

Belgian Waffles
Watermelon juice was fresh and refreshing

Not part of the breakfast menu, but we couldn’t end our meal without the classic Philadelphia Cheese Cake. The baked cheesecake with blueberry compote served as a perfect complement to the great breakfast we had.

Philadelphia Baked Cheesecake
Watermelon juice was fresh and refreshing

Even though a little late to join the breakfast bandwagon, Cafe Mangii compensates the delay by serving great food in taste and with a generous portion. Attentiveness in the service demands some improvement, though.

Cafe Mangii Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Le Pain Quotidien, Powai, Mumbai

With name, not so easy to pronounce, LPQ is one of the few eating joints where you find foreigners more than Indians.

Located on the first floor of Rodas, LPQ has 2 entrances and an outdoor as well as indoor sitting, where the former renders non-preferable in Mumbai summer.

The wooden furniture gives the ambiance a classy look. Prefer seats near to windows, especially in evenings.

We went on Saturday noon to have late morning breakfast and lunch. Our order was,
Bakers Basket (195++), a big basket of almost all type of breads they make. Quantity is large. Good for 4 people. Too much for 2. Stick to bread basket served with main course unless you are very fond of European breads. Edges of the almost all the breads were quite chewy. It may be the way European breads are but surely avoidable for me. You also get some jams/spreads along with Bakers basket. Ask for butter and chocolate spread. It is kept on the community table but for others it’s ask or miss! My expectation is, they should at least inform about availability to first timers like me. Pancake (225++), good in taste but could have been better if served with butter and honey or maple syrup. Waffle (275++) served with Belgian chocolate syrup was undoubtedly the best I have had in recent times. Watermelon Cooler (175++) was strictly OK! Veg Stroganoff (450++) turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

Watermelon Cooler
Waffle with Belgian chocolate syrup
Pancake with blueberry compote
Veg. Stroganoff with rice

Total hole in my pocket was ~1800/- including whopping ~400/- for taxes. It is absurd to say ‘the place is not at all costly.’, but the quality, taste and ambiance sort of justifies the higher prices. Service is quick and satisfactory.

Food and ambiance surely tempts to visit again and again but prices act just the opposite.

Recommendations: Pancake, Waffle, Veg. Stroganoff.

Visited: June, 2015