Breakfast à la Vadodara @ Shree Krishna, Akota, Vadodara

This is relatively new branch of the age old Shree Krishna Restaurant, Madanzampa that exists from 1956.

The restaurant remains largely occupied during mornings, especially on week-ends for its local breakfast dishes.

Our groups of 6 tried Sev Usal, Bhajia Usal, Chatako, Bataka Poha, Sev Khamani, Sabudana Khichdi and Jalebi.

Sev Usal and Bhajia Usal are cousine dishes with one topped with sev while the other is served with bhajia. Spicy as usual and capable to heat up your entire body.

See my review of Jai Maakali Sev-Usal on Zomato to know more about Sev-Usal, a dish unique to Vadodara,


Chatako, one of the most famous dish of the restaurant, is a dish of patra in spicy gravy. Although famous, I did’t appreciate it as much as I appreciate Sev-Usal or Bhajia-Usal.

Bataka Poha, Sev Khamani and Sabudana Khichdi requires no introduction. These dishes are more house-hold than they are street-food. None of them disappoint us.

Ambiance is canteen like and equally noisy. Service depends on readiness of food. Super quick for some dishes while you may have to wait for ages to get some. These are not unexpected given how these restaurant operates and the great value for money food it brings.

In all, a good place to spend a light morning with friends and family over local breakfast dishes.

Food: 4/5

Service: 3.5/5

Ambiance: 3.5/5

VFM: 4.5/5

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Cream & More, Ellora Park, Vadodara


Place for a little more than ice-creams when you are bored with simple ones. Cream & More has options like waffles, bubbly waffles, ice-cream rolls, some knickknacks for children.

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We tried vanilla Oreo balls which were tiny balls of ice-cream. Almond Carnival Roll, Nutella ice-cream and Blueberry Waffle. The ice-creams are strictly average in taste.

I also ordered a self-expanding balloon for my kid, which is nothing but a regular balloon filled with dry ice which expands automatically. For the item of Rs. 10, I saw 3 people struggling to get it fulfilled.

Service, as I observed, is clumsy. Multiple people addressing single order while one was just standing and watching and not bothered about taking/preparing orders. A proper training to the staff will improve their efficiency.

Good to try something different than the usual ice-cream but better not to expect more than this.

Food: 4/5

Service: 3/5

Ambiance: N/A

VFM: 3.5/5

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Indian Curry @ Tansha Comfort Regency, Vadodara

 A family gathering of around 15 people and an obvious and annoying question, where to go for dinner so that everyone gets some or other thing of their liking?

Long discussion and Indian Curry @ Hotel Tansha Comfort Regency came out as a choice. It was Sunday evening and we called to book a table only to discover that they don’t take bookings. Reaching early helped secure one as the restaurant got fully occupied by 8 PM.

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Our order consisted Hot and Sour and Almond Broccoli soups, Bruschetta, Jalapeno Cheese Nuggets, French Fries, Roasted Papad and Palak Makai Lahori Seekh Kabab to start with. In the main course, we stuck to north Indian and tried Paneer Do Pyaza and Veg Deewani Handi.

Almost everything in food was up to the mark and didn’t disappoint us.

With average service, decent interiors and good food, this surely secures a backup option berth.

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Vishal Sandwich – The birth place of Samosa Sandwich in Vadodara

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Vishal Sandwich is a birth place of Samosa Sandwich in the city of Vadodara.

Until 10 months ago, it was operated as a road since stall beside Baroda High School. Now it has moved to a new place in Alkapuri.

The menu is limited with around 20 different options of sandwiches grouped in Samosa Sandwiches and Grilled Sandwiches.


I usually give grilled sandwiches a miss for the sake of Samosa Sandwiches. They are simple yet super tasty. A piece of small Samosa sandwiched between 2 slices of bread with other condiments. There are cheese variants too for almost all the sandwich varieties.

Just one Samosa Sandwich will never be enough. An order of Samosa plate usually follows Samoas Sandwich to complement the dish.

Indeed, one of the iconic street food joint in Vadodara.

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Four Cheese For Cheese Lovers – Quattro Formaggi from Domino’s

A small family gathering on the evening of Uttarayan was a perfect occasion for a quick pizza party. Along with default order of Garlic Breadsticks and cheese dips, we tried Farmhouse and 5 peppers in thin crust and Quattro Formaggi burst. The order arrived quickly within expected time and pizzas were piping hot.

Farmhouse in Quattro Formaggi Burst
Farmhouse in Quattro Formaggi Burst
5 Peppers in Quattro Formaggi Burst
5 Peppers in Quattro Formaggi Burst

Quattro Formaggi literally means four cheese and sometimes also called 4 cheese pizza or 4 seasons pizza. The Donimo’s Quattro Formaggi Burst has flavorful layers of Gouda, Mozzarella and Cheddar topped with Ricotta making it a sinful indulgence for cheese lovers.

The only let down was the lack of thin crust option along with Quattro Formaggi. I would love to see it combined to make a perfect pizza.

The Barbeque Grill, Centre Square, Vadodara

Only a handful of restaurants in Vadodara has got live grills option with a great buffet spread. BBQ Grill does it right.

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 It was a family get-to-gather over lunch and pre-booking helped us get the right table to fit our entire family. In the evening, it would be nice to observe the hustle-bustle through the window while still being secluded from it.

The Grills
The Grills

In the grills, the options were Vegetable 65, Gold Coin, Paneer Achari, Live Pineapple, Ajwain Mushroom, Pudina Aloo, Arbi Chatpati, Chilly Mustard Corn, Cajun Spicy Potato.

Grilled Pineapple
He was more than happy to entertain our repeated requests for grilled pineapple

Gold Coin, Live Pineapple, Ajwain Mushroom and Cajun Spicy Potato were an instant hit among us. Special mention to Live Pineapple. Our apprehension of how a grilled pineapple would taste took a surprised flip. The barbecue sauce marinated grilled pineapple was the most liked items in the entire family.

Live chat counters served Pani Poori and Papdi Chat.

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Main course had plenty of options but I remained restricted to Baked Pasta with Macroni, Pad Thai Noodles and Thai Red Curry. None of them disappointed me.

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In desserts, there was made to order stone ice-cream including other assorted desserts and all were up-to the mark.

All-in-all, a good place if you wand plenty of food options, good barbecue grills and up-to-the-mark food.

RSVP – The Lounge, Vadiwadi, Vadodara

RSVP – The Lounge tries to fill up the void of the lounge or sports bar like joints in the city, of course sans alcohol.

The interior is done to imitate a sports bar atmosphere and ambiance wears a strong red hue, visible in the photographs, to make the ambiance livelier. (I had to spend a lot of time re-touching my photographs to minimize the side effect of the lighting). I would have liked the ambiance more with little pumped-up cool white lights along with a little toned-down red-colored lights.

The place has a number of sitting arrangements including casual lounge type and usual table and chairs.

Service is good and the wait staff is friendly but they clearly appear to be untrained and new. (This is when I visited a couple of months ago). This didn’t bother us much as they were always ready to accommodate our requests.

In food, we tried 2 types of pre-fixed menu. The first one, a global variant, included a mock-tail, a soup, 2 starters, 2 main courses and a dessert. The second one ‘Thrilling Thursdays’, an Indian variant, had a soup, 2 starters, 2 vegetables, roti/naan, dal-rice, papad, salad, buttermilk and a dessert.

The mock-tail, Magic Blue, served in chemistry lab beaker, was a concoction of blue curacao syrup and soda water and lacked any punch.

Magic Blue
Magic Blue

The Chilly Bean soup was moderately spicy. Thai Sticks tasted like kebabs marinated in spicy Thai gravy. Mexican Rice was nice but a little dry. Pasta Arabiata and noodles (don’t remember the exact name) were also satisfactory in taste. All the continental items had Indian touch to please a typical Indian palate. (Well, authenticity shouldn’t be an expectation here.)

The Indian items ranged from ok to good in taste. Sunehri Aloo, boiled potatoes tossed in some gravy, were avoidable. Corn Seekh Kabab was ok in taste. We liked the Veg. Makhani and Paneer Do Pyaza though.

This place tries to be a pocket-friendly hipster place and may succeed too as far as the authenticity of the food not being much of a concern among the target audience.

Would you like to recommend something we should try on our next visit to RSVP – The Lounge? Leave a comment below.

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