Luscious cupcakes, Cup-a-Luscious, Mulund (W), Mumbai

Mansi wanted a rainbow cake for our 7th anniversary and she discovered this one. A quick scroll of Feedback on Zomato was enough to decide and order cupcakes with 7 colors.


They accommodated our request of cupcakes in different colors. On time delivery and elegant packing were a bonus to the visually appealing cupcakes. The package also had small props, for the occasion, which can be set on the cakes.


We ordered cakes with 3 different bases, vanilla, chocolate and red-velvet. The ‘melt in the mouth’ fresh cream topping on the cake had perfect sweetness. The bases too were soft and balanced in sweetness.

The cupcakes have struck the cord with the right combination of quality, taste and visual appeal and scoring high on all the fronts. The icing on the cake, oops… cupcake is, they are homemade rather than factory produced.

My next order is going to be the Dessert Jars.


Refreshing Tea, refreshed! @ Chayos, Powai, Mumbai

Indian’s beloved and world’s most consumed beverage badly needed a refresh when the menu of every other food joint serves tens of verities of coffees and tea remains restricted to either, humble, regular tea or at most to a fancier sibling, Ice Tea. Chaayos appears to be an attempt to break this stereotype.

Our visit to the outlet in the morning was a side effect of the current demonetization drive by the government. It was all empty when we reached and we had the luxury to choose our seat. The interior surrounds you with tea. Canvases with tea memes, murals and décor related to tea knick-knacks relating to tea.

Honey Ginger Lemon Tea
Honey Ginger Lemon Tea
Saunf Thandi Chai
Saunf Thandi Chai

Bun Maska
Bun Maska

We started with Honey Ginger Lemon tea, Saunf Thandi Chai and Bun Maska. The Honey Ginger Lemon tea was piping hot and helped sooth my sore throat. Saunf cold tea too tested great with green fennel seed flavoring. Although a little different from our usual roadside one, the Bun Maska was a good accompaniment to the tea.

Loaded Veg Cheese Max
Loaded Veg Cheese Max

The Veg Cheese Max was bread, stuffed with a thick gravy of paneer and veggie mix. Good enough for trying once. The soft and light Banana Cake delighted us the most in food.

Chaayos may be an old wine in a new bottle but old wine is what you savor the most!

Oktoberfest @ True Tramm Trunk, Juhu, Mumbai

How do you describe October, Beer and Germany in a single word? A foodie barely gets it wrong. The Oktoberfest has not remained limited to Bavaria, Germany and this year I got a chance to be part of the Oktoberfest fever that gripped Mumbai’s bars and pubs.

True Tramm Trunk, Juhu served a special menu, through the October, as a tribute to the great festival of beer. The menu included some exquisite beer cocktails, specially crafted burgers, a wide selection of beers and beer platters.

We started with beer platters and each came in a crowd of three.


Kingfisher Draft – Still more than defaulter’s beer.

Bira Blonde

Hoegaarden – One of the great wheat beer.


Ace – An apple cider from White Owl’s. Sweeter than Side Car.

Spark – A Belgian beer with citrus notes.

Halcyon – A beer with banana and clove notes from White Owl’s.


Side Car – Apple cider from Gateway

White Zen – A Hefeweizen from the Gateway with clove and banana notes.

Doppelganger – A German dark beer with caramel malts.

Apart from a wide range of craft and draft beers, a noticeable addition to the Oktoberfest menu was beer cocktails.

Michelada: Beer cocktail with tomato juice and a blend of secret sauce. This tangy variant of a beer cocktail or Bloody Mary, in other words, were liked by many but failed to impress me.


Cuber: Beer cocktail with a right proportion of muddled cucumber was more like a cooler and had great refreshing potency.


Coronarita: Corona Served Upside down in a frozen margarita

Beer Bomb
Beer Bomb

Beer Bomb: Jägermeister and beer served in a glass inside a glass. Mix it or sip from both the glass together and with great care to get the best out of this beer cocktail.

With a great selection of beers, burgers become an inevitable accomplice. Out of total 6 burgers, half of them were vegetarian and all were accompanied by French fries and dips. All burgers were greasy and require utmost attention while eating not to end up being messy.

Asian Mushroom Tofu
Asian Mushroom Tofu

Asian Mushroom Tofu: A veg patty and tofu with mustard mayo oozing out. This was served with green colored slider bun and tartar dip.

Sri Lankan
Sri Lankan

Sri Lankan: A veg. patty with Sri Lankan spices packed in a desi pav. Came with Sri Lankan spiced dip.

French Chilli Corn Spinach
French Chilli Corn Spinach

French Chili Corn Spinach: Cream sautéed veg patty served in Burgle with tartar dip. Medium in size and requires expertise while eating. It can be very messy.


Country liquor inspired cocktail served in quarter bottles is USP to True Tramm Trunk. We got to taste most of the quirky selection and liked them too. The flavors included santra, gulab, saunf, tadi, gulkand, coconut, fenni, pawsar country, tharra, kesar kastoori to name a few.

I was invited by the FBAI and True Tramm Trunk to try the Oktoberfest menu.

Backyard BBQ @ Hyatt Regency, Mumbai

Ever felt like escaped from the hustle-bustle of Mumbai while being right in the heart of it. Add one place to the rare list, the backyard of the Hyatt Regency, Sahar Airport Road. And if you happen to visit on Friday evening, all these comes as an added bonus to the sumptuous barbecue spread called Backyard Barbecue. This Friday-evening-only menu is arranged by the poolside from 21st Oct to 30th Dec,  2016.

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Cool October breeze, sparsely arranged tables, rustic setting by the poolside were a great combination for a laidback Friday evening to retire from the hectic weekdays and start a great weekend.

A stack of Jenga, Chess board, Foosball and selfie point for social media savvy were some of the highlights to get you started on the fun part.


We directly hoped on to the bar counter to grab beers and made-to-order cocktails. The bartender was courteous enough to answer all our queries and demands. In fact, the entire staff was one of the friendliest I have encountered lately.


Must try is one of their signature drink Stax. With orange and pineapple juice as a base, vodka adds spirit to the drink before finally being topped by cherry syrup and lime juice.

The assorted bread counter had a selection of bread and yummy dips to pair with. Don’t miss the garlic butter. The salad counter added the Mediterranean feel to the evening.

The barbecue counter had local and international grills. These included all-time favorites Grilled garlic bread, Grilled potato slices, Grilled Paneer and Corn on the cob. The special ones included Balsamic marinated vegetable skewers and eggplant marinated with roasted cumin and Cajun and char-grilled to perfection.

Dessert counter had enough verities to satisfy the sweet-tooth. Sacher and Walnut Brownies were there for sinful indulgence and for guiltless indulgence, there were varieties of fresh fruits like melons, guava, pear and dragon fruit.

A barbecue setting should provide a laid back and relaxing atmosphere with soft music in the background where you can have a good conversation with your companion. This perfectly matches how a barbecue event should be. What should be in the menu needs a little improvement as I would like to see more verities specifically on the grills.

I was invited by FBAI and Hyatt Regency to taste the BackyardBBQ menu.